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Empowering Today’s Youth

By Savanna Kearney

It’s been one year since the Parkland school shooting, and yet it seems that little has changed in terms of peer violence. There have been seven shootings across the Jacksonville community just this past weekend, four of which were fatal. While school shootings are often discussed by adults, it is the generation most affected by these tragedies that are taking a stand.

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William Feasley to Perform at St. Anastasia

Award-winning classical guitarist William Feasley will perform at St. Anastasia Catholic Church on Saturday, February 23 at 7 p.m. Feasley’s multimedia performance will take place in St. Anastasia’s new building, the St. Edna of Aran Formation Center’s Celebration Hall. As always, all are welcome and donations will be graciously accepted to offset our expenses. $20 donations are strongly encouraged as there is very limited seating.  To reserve these seats, please contact Peter Morin at staccmusic@aol.com

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