Living Out Chastity: Arleen Spenceley Speaks to the Catholic Gators

By Elena Castello

Over 130 students and adults sat in the St. Augustine Church student lounge, listening to the 29-year-old woman tell her story. With her degree in journalism, a beautiful gift for storytelling, and a passion to share her Catholic faith, Arleen Spenceley captivated the audience last night at the University of Florida’s Catholic Student Fellowship event. What was the topic of this talk? Living out chastity in a culture that says it isn’t possible.

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Helping Hands: Gainesville Students support CRS programs in West Africa

The St. Augustine Church and Catholic Student Center in Gainesville is hosting a Helping Hands food-packaging event on Saturday, April 11. The event, in support of a special collaboration between Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Stop Hunger Now, will bring together local volunteers to package more than 10,000 meals and to provide funds to buy CRS food, support, job training and community development programs in the West African nation of Burkina Faso.

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