The Office of Human Resources provides support services to approximately 110 diocesan locations including 52 parishes, 13 Missions & Chapels, 24 Elementary Catholic Schools, 5 High Schools, 8 Early Learning Centers, and other diocesan agencies and ministries, spanning 17 counties.  With a department of four, we cannot serve as the HR Department for all these locations and their respective employees in the traditional sense like in the business world. Instead, our role is to provide training, information, tools, and support services to local business managers, and the like, who serve as local HR representatives, as well as local benefits administrators, pastors, school principals, and others that serve in a leadership position, to better equip them to serve their most valuable assets, their employees.

In the event that your local business manager or local benefits administrator cannot answer your questions or you need further clarification, please click on “HR Team and Contact” on this web page. We would be delighted to assist you.

A major role of the Office of Human Resources is to provide advisement, consultation, options, tools, education and training, and HR best practices to the bishop, Catholic Center directors, pastors, school principals, business managers/local HR representatives, and benefits administrators in the areas of:

  • Policy Development
  • Diocesan Policy Interpretation/clarification in HR Matters
  • Federal and State Employment Law Interpretation
  • Employee Relations Best Practices and Options for Them to Serve Their Employees
  • Benefits Administration
  • Guidance and Best Practices in Recruiting, Hiring and Selection of Diverse and Talented People
  • Samples of Position Descriptions
  • Compensation and Pay Practices and;
  • Performance Management


In addition, the Office of Human Resources serves as the Human Resource Department for all the employees located at the Catholic Center and related ministries.


Greg C. Reed
(904) 262-3200, ext. 122

Senior HR Generalists
Tina Nugent
(904) 262-3200, ext. 119

Missy Rindge
(904) 262-3200, ext. 107

Diocesan Benefits Administrator
Janis Munoz
(904) 262-3200, ext. 128


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