Outline Set for Synod on Family

The outline and discussion points for the Synod on the Family from October 4-25 is set. Click below to learn more.

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Understanding the Church

Pope Francis offers thoughts on how Catholics should teach people to know and love Christ and his church.

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NFP Awareness Week, July 19-25

Celebrate and reverence God’s vision for human sexuality. Discover Natural Family Planning for you and your spouse.

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NEWS Around the Diocese

Diocese of St. Augustine Receives Major Relic of Saint Augustine of Hippo from the Vatican

After more than four years of planning and coordination with officials in Italy and at the Vatican, the Diocese of St. Augustine has acquired a first-class relic of our patron saint, Augustine of Hippo. It is on loan to the diocese for the 450th Anniversary celebration of the City of St. Augustine and the founding of America’s first Catholic Parish.

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Pope Francis Releases Encyclical on Ecology

Context for the Encyclical: Continuity of Teaching
Pope Francis’ encyclical on ecology follows and expands on Catholic teaching about care for God’s creation. This teaching has a foundation in the Bible’s call to stewardship of the natural world. Both Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and St. John Paul II, the two prior pontiffs, spoke frequently about ecology, and both addressed climate change directly. And Pope Francis will not be the first pope to appeal to national leaders to address climate issues through the UN process.

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