Legatus is an organization designed exclusively for top-ranking Catholic business leaders. Since its inception, May 7, 1987, its mission has been to bring Catholic business leaders and their spouses together in a monthly forum that fosters personal spiritual growth. The organization offers a unique support network of like-minded Catholics who influence the world marketplace and have the ability to practice and infuse their faith in the daily lives and workplaces of their family, friends, colleagues and employees.

Bishop Felipe J. Estévez

Assistant Chaplain
Rev. Christopher Liguori

Dan Lestage

Vice President
Skip Frantz

Greg Estes

Program Chair
Steve Booma

Social Chairs
Don and Midge Barnhorst

Membership Chair
Jeff Bernardo

John Glegg
Gus Klein
Joyce Cramzer
Robert Mylod

Jacksonville Chapter Contact
Bob Grano
(904) 273-0256