In 1983 the Office of Hispanic Ministry was established by Bishop John J. Snyder. In July 2004 the various ethnic groups within the diocese were united by Bishop Victor Galeone to become the “Multicultural Ministry.”


The mission of the Multicultural Ministry is to help and support the diocesan offices, parishes, and missions based on the principles of “Pastoral de Conjunto” (Communion in Mission); by modeling and promoting a collaborative ministry with the different ethnics within the diocese as an effective vehicle for carrying out the mission of the Catholic Church with a strong commitment for social justice and advocacy for the vulnerable one.


This ministry was created to welcome, serve and integrate the different ethnic groups into the full life of the Diocese of Saint Augustine.

Evangelization & Formation in Spanish

The office of Multicultural Ministry was formed to address the Catholic faith formation needs and the leadership development of our ever growing Spanish speaking population in the diocese and to celebrate the gifts of the cultural diversity, which bless us. We have SEPI (Southeast Pastoral Institute for Hispanic Ministry) collaboration to offer the different course.

Southeast Pastoral Institute for Hispanic Ministry


Download “La Communidad” (Agosto–Sept 2016)


  • To encourage, promote, develop and support pastoral services to all brothers and sisters from the different ethnics in the diocese.
  • To foster the integration in a cultural diverse environment, and advocate for the social justice for the vulnerable ones.
  • To promote commitment, communication, openness and collaboration within ministries, parishes and apostolic movements that provides pastoral services to the different ethnics.
  • To edit “La Comunidad”, our Catholic Spanish-language bulletin.

Social Services

  • Psychological counseling for adults
  • Classes for parents
  • Development courses for women
  • Employment databases for employers and employees
  • Information to contact or receive services from the different organizations or offices within the area
  • Education/college counseling

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