The Diocese of St. Augustine treats all allegations of sexual misconduct seriously and deals with them in a prompt, confidential and thorough manner. Keep in mind:

  • Every person has the right to be treated with the dignity befitting a child of God.
  • Every person has the right to have appropriate boundaries respected.
  • Every person has the right to challenge any comment or behavior that is perceived to be sexually oriented.

Allegations and complaints can be made by contacting:

Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator
Tina Nugent
Catholic Center
11625 Old St. Augustine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32258
Hotline: (904) 208-6979
Allegations may also be reported directly to:

Department of Children and Families:


Help for Victims and their Families

The Diocese of St. Augustine has a comprehensive Victim Assistance Program – taking action on behalf of those sexually abused by church personnel. A copy of the “Victim Assistance Program” brochure can be downloaded in English and Spanish.

Reporting Sexual Abuse Notices for Parish Bulletins

As part of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, approved by the U.S. Bishops in 2002, each parish is required to publish notices in their bulletins that explain how and where people can report allegations of sexual child abuse. The notices must be published in your parish bulletin one week every other month (six times a year).

Please include a notice for each language that your parish celebrates the Mass in. If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen Bagg in the Office of Communications at (904) 262-3200, ext. 110 or email: