The sacraments are efficacious signs of grace, instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church, by which divine life is dispensed to us. The visible rites by which the sacraments are celebrated signify and make present the graces proper to each sacrament. They bear fruit in those who receive them with the required dispositions. (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1131)

The Catholic understanding of sacrament cannot be understood apart from the concept of grace or “gift of God.” Karl Rahner and other modern theologians speak of grace as “God’s personal self-communication.” For this reason, Catholics no longer speak of sacraments “giving grace” so much as the sacraments allowing us to “experience grace.”

The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, #7 states, “To accomplish so great a work, Christ is always present in his Church, especially in its liturgical celebrations. He is present in the sacrifice of the Mass, not only in the person of his minister…but especially under the Eucharistic elements. By his power he is present in the sacraments so that when a man baptizes it is really Christ himself who baptizes. He is present in the Word, since it is he himself who speaks when the holy Scriptures are read in the Church. He is present lastly, when the Church prays and sings…”

“In the sacraments, we respond to God’s self-giving and draw closer not only to God but also to one another in the Church.” Richard Gula

The Office of Christian Formation provides assistance to parishes and institutions in accomplishing six tasks of catechesis (religious education) by providing consultation, evaluation and training including the area of sacramental preparation.

Director of Christian Formation
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