Bishop Estévez on Pro-Life Podcast
April 9, 2020 •

The Vita Podcast, a pro-life podcast that highlights the amazing work people are doing in their local communities to build culture of life, recently had a special guest: the Diocese of St. Augustine’s very own Bishop Felipe Estévez.

In the podcast episode, Bishop Estévez speaks with host Luke Faulkner about his journey from Havana, Cuba to becoming bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine. He also calls to light the pro-life actions of the diocese, especially the March for Life St. Augustine and the symbolism of the image of Our Lady of La Leche.

“It is an abomination, to call abortion a human right, because the mother cannot ever be separated from the child, and the child can never be separated from the mother,” said Bishop Estévez.

Bishop Estévez and Faulkner also dive into the topic of the death penalty.

“This type of punishment is inadmissible,” said Bishop Estévez. “As John Paul II said, we have alternatives.”

To listen to the full podcast episode of The Vita Podcast, click here.