An Easter Message from Bishop Erik T. Pohlmeier, S.T.L.
April 3, 2023 • Diocese of St. Augustine

Bishop Erik T. Pohlmeier, S.T.L.

Let the New Life of Jesus Transform You!

An Easter Message from Bishop Erik T. Pohlmeier, S.T.L.

Praised be Jesus Christ risen from the dead! As we celebrate this feast of our Salvation, I am aware of the gift of new life this Easter. I have experienced the transforming power of God’s grace in my new life among the people of the Diocese of St. Augustine. In my celebrations with you and my prayer for you I am fully aware that the life of Jesus we celebrate is not a distant memory, but a present reality.

Jesus Christ risen from the dead is the reason for all our hope and the power behind every good thing that we do. During the 40 days of Lent, we have focused our spiritual attention on the cross of Jesus. God made man and dwelling in our midst took on the weakness of our humanity and shared in our suffering. Through the Gospels, he continues to teach and guide us. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, our hearts burn with a desire to be near Jesus. Like those same disciples we don’t always recognize that he is near, and yet he comes to speak to our hearts and feed us.

As we begin this Easter season, I pray that your eyes are opened to the reality of God with us. I pray that you are filled with joy because Jesus has overcome the power of sin and death. Let the new life of Jesus transform you. Seek first the Kingdom Jesus brings and you will receive all good things from heaven.

In Christ,
Most Rev. Erik T. Pohlmeier, S.T.L.
Bishop of St. Augustine