Crozier Society

The Crozier is a symbol of the pastoral care entrusted to a Catholic bishop at his episcopal ordination.  As a member of the Crozier Society, you provide much needed support to Bishop Pohlmeier as he leads his flock on a journey of faith. Members of the Crozier Society take a leadership role in helping the bishop advance the mission of the Diocese of St. Augustine, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serving the spiritual, educational, and charitable needs of community.

Crozier Society Giving Levels
Crozier Society members are those who gift $1,000 or more to the Bishop’s Annual Stewardship Appeal

*First time members receive a Crozier Society lapel pin honoring their leadership support.

Father Alonzo Gonzalez Circle ($1,000+)
A Catholic priest in the early 1500’s from San Cristobal, Cuba, who accompanied Spanish explorers.  Historians believe he may have been the first priest to “spy the waters of Spanish Florida.”

Father Francisco Lopez de Mendoza Grajales Circle ($2,500+)
One of four priests who accompanied St. Augustine founder Captain General Pedro Menendez de Aviles on his 1565 expedition to La Florida. Father Gonzalez and Father Lopez Circle members will receive an invitation to the bishop’s annual Mass of Appreciation and Reception, with the opportunity to meet Bishop Erik Pohlmeier and receive his personal thanks.

Mission of Nombre de Dios Circle ($5,000+)
Mission of Name of God, founded by Spanish explorers on September 8, 1565. In addition to the opportunities offered to Father Gonzalez and Father Lopez Circle members, Mission Circle members will also have their family name entered into a Book of Prayers that is kept by Bishop Pohlmeier to use during private prayer time in the Sacred Heart Chapel at the Catholic Center.

Fray Agustin Ponce de Leon Guild ($10,000+)
First native born priest to be martyred in La Florida.  His canonization is being considered as part of the Cause for Canonization of Antonio Inija and 56 Companions. In addition to the opportunities offered to Mission Circle members, Ponce de Leon Guild members will receive an invitation to share dinner with Bishop Pohlmeier. 

St. Augustine of Hippo Guild ($15,000+)
Catholic philosopher, theologian in the 4th/5th century and Bishop and Doctor of the Church.  Our diocese is named in his honor. In addition to the opportunities offered to Ponce de Leon Guild members, St. Augustine of Hippo Guild members will receive a commemorative item from Bishop Pohlmeier.

Bishop Augustin Verot Crozier Guild ($25,000+)
First bishop for the Diocese of St. Augustine in the late 19th century. In addition to the opportunities offered to St. Augustine Guild members, Crozier Guild members receive an invitation to a private dinner with Bishop Pohlmeier.