Why Do We Need RFRA?

Recent religious freedom legislation around the country has left many confused about what RFRA does.

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Preserve the Freedom to Serve

Adoption agencies who give preference to placing children in homes with a mother and father could be under attack.

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Child Abuse Prevention Month

The Catholic Church strives to create a culture of protection in order to keep our children safe from harm.

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NEWS Around the Diocese

Living Out Chastity: Arleen Spenceley Speaks to the Catholic Gators

By Elena Castello

Over 130 students and adults sat in the St. Augustine Church student lounge, listening to the 29-year-old woman tell her story. With her degree in journalism, a beautiful gift for storytelling, and a passion to share her Catholic faith, Arleen Spenceley captivated the audience last night at the University of Florida’s Catholic Student Fellowship event. What was the topic of this talk? Living out chastity in a culture that says it isn’t possible.

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