Year of Mercy Series

The Communications Office brings you a 10-video reflection series for the Year of Mercy with Father Richard Pagano.

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The Joy of Love

Pope Francis has released his long-awaited post-synodal exhortation called “Amoris Laetitia.” Click below to download.


True believers serve others

In a recent General Audience, Pope Francis reminds the faithful that as believers we are called to relieve the suffering of others.

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NEWS | Around the Diocese

It shouldn’t take a hard week in Florida

by Bishop Felipe J. Estévez

One can have no doubt that this has been a hard week for Florida, particularly for my neighbors to the south in Orlando. First the senseless shooting death of singer-songwriter Christina Grimmie of the TV show The Voice on Saturday, then Sunday morning’s horrific mass shooting at the PULSE gay bar, and finally the painful news of a toddler dragged into the water by an alligator at a vacation resort, June 14. Taken together, these stories are a drumbeat of heartbreak and human tragedy. And in their wake, we see the usual messy flurry of human generosity, policy debates, and overall struggle for meaning.

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