The first step in seeking a declaration of invalidity of marriage (annulment) is to meet with one of the Parish Annulment Companions. If there is no annulment companion at your parish you will need to meet with your priest.

The annulment companion or parish priest will seek to understand the situation of your marriage and help you to determine if this is the correct procedure for your situation of if a different procedure is required. Once they have determined that this is the correct procedure the annulment companion will tell you what documents will need to be gathered and how. They will also provide you with a questionnaire to answer.

Once you have gathered the required documents and completed the questionnaire, the annulment companion will review everything with you and help you to select the grounds upon which the marriage is to be challenged. The annulment companion will compose the formal petition which will be submitted to the Tribunal and ask you to sign it. Everything is then to be submitted to the Tribunal.

Please be aware that the annulment process has not begun until the Tribunal has jurisdiction to accept your case and formally does so. The many months you spent preparing your petition is prior to the start of the case. Every case is different and the Tribunal is unable to provide any timelines regarding the length of these proceedings. Given that the length and outcome of a case is not predetermined no date may be set for a future marriage until these proceedings are closed.  For more information, you can contact the Tribunal Office at (904) 800-2393 or email Sister Ann Kuhn, SSJ at