Coordinated through Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Saint Augustine, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) assists the needs of those afflicted by natural disasters both domestically and internationally.

Catholic Relief Services was founded in 1943 by the Catholic Bishops of the United States to assist the poor and disadvantaged outside the country. The fundamental motivating force in all activities of CRS is the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it pertains to the alleviation of human suffering, the development of people and the fostering of charity and justice in the world.

CRS provides direct aid to the poor, and involves people in their own development, helping them to realize their potential. And CRS educates the people of the United States to fulfill their moral responsibilities toward our brothers and sisters around the world by helping the poor, working to remove the causes of poverty, and promoting social justice.

Funds raised by Operation Rice Bowl support Catholic Relief Services development projects in 40 countries around the world. No Operation Rice Bowl monies are used for emergency programming.

CRS development projects include: agricultural enrichment, water sanitation, maternal/child health, micro-finance and job training. All of these projects are designed to uphold human dignity and encourage self-reliance for the project participants. 25 percent of the funds remain in the local diocese to help support local hunger and poverty alleviation projects.

Catholic Relief Services believes that the 25 percent of Operation Rice Bowl contributions remaining in the dioceses affirms the importance of our global responsibility as Christians to assist those in need both around the corner and around the world. The contributions remaining in the diocese enable participants to understand the plight of the poor overseas through the experience of the poor in their own communities.

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