The diocesan stewardship efforts are led by Bishop Estévez and The Committee on Stewardship and the New Evangelization (CSNE) (formerly the Diocesan Stewardship Council). The purpose of the CSNE is to foster a total stewardship plan, movement and philosophy that engage the faithful across the diocese.

Committee Members

Carol Ann BlackChrist the King Parish
Father James Boddie, Jr. Pastor, Christ the King Parish
Nick CarrubeSanta Maria del Mar Parish
Patty DiSandroAssociate Director, Development & Stewardship Office, Diocese of St. Augustine
Father Alberto EspositoPastor, Queen of Peace Parish
Cliff EvansPlanned Giving Officer, Catholic Foundation, Diocese of St. Augustine
Jeanette GhiotoSan Juan del Rio Parish
Erica HartgeQueen of Peace Parish
Father Michael Houle, M.Ed., E.V.Episcopal Vicar for Development & Finance
Laurie PlotzChrist the King Parish
Charlie SloanDirector, Development & Stewardship Office, Diocese of St. Augustine
Julie SnowAdministrative Assistant, Development & Stewardship Office, Diocese of St. Augustine
Joanna StarkShrine of Our Lady of La Leche, St. Augustine
Father Jason TrullPastor, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish
Glen VassouQueen of Peace Parish

Stewardship: A Multi-faceted Concept

Stewardship is a multi-faceted concept that includes Prayer, Service and Sharing. Countless Catholic parishes across the United States hav experienced a revitalization and renewal when the faith community understood and put them into action.

Parishes grounded in Stewardship report increases in:

  • members’ faith-filled personal and household prayer
  • Mass attendance and participation
  • parish service organzations and event supported by more and more volunteers
  • financial giving that allows the parish to meet its own budget and to share with others

Stewardship of Prayer
Prayer is about our relationship with God. We gratefully acknowledge God’s presence in our lives and respond by investing ourselves. In nurturing this relationship we stay connected and understand God’s will for our lives. As disciples of Jesus we strive to engage in personal prayer each day. As good stewards of our time, we return to God part of each day which has been so graciously given to us.

Stewardship of Service
We believe that every person is a unique child of God. Each one of us has been created with wonderful gifts to be used to bring us joy and to serve each other. The Epistle of St. Peter reminds us: “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve another as good stewards of God’s varied graces.” (1 Peter 4:10)

The call to a life of commitment and service comes to us through the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. The Spirit empowers us to be Jesus in the world in our lifetime. If you recall, Jesus came not to be served but to serve and as his disciples, we want to imitate his life and his love.

To be a steward of service means that we gratefully name and nurture our gifts. We then offer them to our Church and to the world. With this in mind, we are called to reflect upon our personal calendars and consider how we can best use our time and our gifts.

Our Church offers unique opportunities to serve within our parishes as well as promoting opportunities locally, nationally and globally. We believe that through our service, our Church is able to bring the love of Jesus to the world and to continue his work on earth.

Stewardship of Sharing
Stewards are grateful people who believe that God has been generous with us and we, in turn, share with others. The scripture passage, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be” (Mt. 6:21) challenges us to look at how and where we spend our financial resources. As followers of Jesus, we carefully consider the needs of our Church and the poor when developing a household budget. We are stewards, not out obligation but out of gratitude and joy for all God has done for us.