Religious Communities of Women Serving in Diocese 

DWDaughters of Wisdom
HMSSMercidarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament
IHMImmaculate Heart of Mary
MSFMissionary Sisters of the Holy Family
OCARMCarmelite Sisters
OPDominican Sisters
RMIReligious of Mary Immaculate, Claretian Missionary Sisters
RSMSisters of Mercy
SFCCSisters of Christian Community
SFXSisters of St. Francis Xavier
SHSacred Heart Congregation
SHMServant Sisters of the Home of the Mother
SNDSisters of Notre Dame
SSJSisters of St. Joseph
THDWTrinitarian Handmaids of the Divine Word

Religious Orders of Women by Convent

For an alphabetical listing of individual women religious in the Diocese of St. Augustine, click here.

Assumption Convent

Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother
2403 Atlantic Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32207-3563
(904) 398-6355
Fax: (904) 398-6115

Sister Megan Conway, SHM
Sister Shelby Rowell, SHM
Sister Marina Hernandez, SHM
Sister Kira Lum, SHM
Sister Kelai E. Reno, SHM
Sister Grace Silao, SHM
Sister Kathryn Shea, SHM
Sister Kelly Jo Foht, SHM

Carmelite Convent

Carmelite Sisters
819 SW Lake Montgomery Avenue
Lake City, FL 32025-5190
(386) 754-6943
Fax: (386) 752-4652

Sister Mary Arackal, OCARM
Sister Philomina Chaneparambil, OCARM
Sister Mathilde Del Oglio, OCARM
Sister Regina Sherly, OCARM

Christ the King Convent

Sacred Heart Congregation
6814 Larkin Road
Jacksonville, FL 32211
(818) 522-4635

Sister Roselit Madappallil, SH
Sister Pushpa Vallippalam, SH

Claretian Convent

Claretian Missionary Sisters
2325 NE County Road 400
P.O. Box 506
Mayo, FL 32066
(386) 294-2126
Fax: (386) 294-2930

Sister Mercedes Ysabel Dominguez-Gonzalez, RMI
Sister Elisabet Rodriguez, RMI
Sister Martha Lilia Tutuli, RMI

Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Convent

Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa
1520 Royal County Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32221
(904) 381-0605
Fax: (904) 786-3801

Sister Beverly DiStefano, OP
Sister Elizabeth Fiorite, OP
Sister Maureen Kelley, OP

Holy Faith Convent

Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine
603 NW 40th Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32607-7185

Sister Irene Gerdeman, SND
(419) 345-6741/cell

Sister Mary Adell Lininger, SND
(419) 575-5968

Holy Family Convent

Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family
3205 Bear Run Blvd.
Orange Park, FL 32065
(904) 375-8471

Sister Clare Beata Fiedorczuk, MSF
Sister Danuta Kujalowicz, MSF
Sister Kazimiera Noskoau, MSF
Sister Immaculee Nyiarsuku, MSF
Sister Luiza Paszkowska, MSF

Holy Rosary Convent

Sisters of Notre Dame
746 W. 41st Street
Jacksonville, FL 32206
(904) 764-9032

Sister Betty Jeanne Kramer, SND
Sister Mona Kromer, SND
Sister Dianne Rumschlag, SND
Sister Cynthia Shaffer, SND
Sister Darlene Siebeneck, SND
Sister Victora Will, SND

John E. Duggan Convent

Sisters for Christian Community
49-1/2 Carrera Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084

Sister Mary Sferre, SFCC
(904) 501-8953/cell

Sister Mary R. Steves, SFCC
(904) 541-5879/cell

Our Lady of Lourdes Convent

Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine
P.O. Box 3506
St. Augustine, FL 32085
(904) 824-1725
Fax: (904) 829-5941

Sister Kathleen Clark, SSJ
Sister Mary Agatha Cleare, SSJ*
Sister Joan of Arc Englert, SSJ
Sister Lilia Fernandez, SSJ
Sister Eileen Marie Flanagan, SSJ
Sister Mary Esther Flanagan, SSJ
Sister Dorothy Flowers, SSJ
Sister Mary David Magee, SSJ
Sister Mary Immaculata Moraglia, SSJ
Sister Mary Alexius Murray, SSJ
Sister Edith Paschall, SSJ
Sister Mary Lyn Payette, SSJ
Sister Mary Beatrice Sullivan, SSJ
Sister St. Margaret Zapf, SSJ

*St. Catherine Laboure Manor

Queen of Peace Convent

Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
3824 SW 92nd Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32608
(352) 332-7836
Fax: (352) 331-7347

Sister Beatrice Caulson, IHM
Sister Nancy Elder, IHM

Sisters of St. Joseph Convent

Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine
1141 Glynlea Road
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Sister Nancy Keane, SSJ
(904) 476-5718/cell

Sister Ann Kuhn, SSJ
(904) 501-4653/cell

Sister Elizabeth Marie Stoup, SSJ
(407) 404-1499/cell

St. Francis Convent

Sisters of St. Francis
5427 Rosedale Lane
Jacksonville, FL 32244
(904) 697-9559/cell

Sister Beatrice Hkawnyi, SFX

St. Francis Xavier Convent

Sisters of St. Francis Xavier
2585 Oak Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
(904) 308-8980
Fax: (904) 308-7713

Sister Rosie Judith, SFX
Sister Rose Susie Myint, SFX
Sister Eusebi Nant, SFX
Sister Sarah Rosie Nant-Sarah, SFX
Sister Margaret Mary Naw Eh Phaw, SFX
Sister Lucia John Nant Naing Naing Win, SFX

St. Joseph Convent

Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine
241 St. George Street
P.O. Box 3506
St. Augustine, FL 32085
(904) 829-3735
Fax: (904) 826-0949

Sister Mary Rene Azar, SSJ
Sister Mary Victor Azar, SSJ
Sister Rita Baum, SSJ
Sister Catherine Bitzer, SSJ
Sister Mary Josepha Butterfield, SSJ
Sister Nicole Cayer, SSJ
Sister Barbara Cekosh, SSJ
Sister Marilyn Dingman, SSJ
Sister Suzan Foster, SSJ
Sister Margaret Jeanne Keller, SSJ
Sister Margaret Lyons, SSJ
Sister Thomas Joseph McGoldrick, SSJ
Sister Joyce Newton, SSJ
Sister Loyce Newton, SSJ
Sister Bernard Joseph Palmer, SSJ
Sister Grace Marie Parker, SSJ
Sister Marlene Payette, SSJ
Sister Jane Stoecker, SSJ – General Superior
Sister Carol Stoval, SSJ
Sister Carol Wells, SSJ
Sister Ann Raymond Wood, SSJ
Sister Mary Christine Zimorski, SSJ

St. Joseph Convent – Riverside

Sisters of St. Joseph Formation House
2741 St. John’s Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32205
(904) 354-2616

Sister Florence Bryan, SSJ
Sister Grace Ford, SSJ
Sister Elise Kennedy, SSJ
Sister Rea Wurmnest, SSJ

St. Joseph the Worker Convent

Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine
203 Prince Road
St. Augustine, FL 32086

Sister Diane Couture, SSJ
(904) 669-5388/cell

Sister Carolyn Jean Tucker, SSJ
(904) 501-5771/cell


San José Convent

Sisters of Mercy
3619 Toledo Road
Jacksonville, FL 32217
(904) 733-2510
Fax: (904) 731-4335

Sister Anne Campbell, RSM
Sister Ambrose Cruise, RSM
Sister Eithne Lowther, RSM

Trinitarian Convent

Trinitarian Handmaids of the Divine Word
12365 Casheros Cove S.
Jacksonville, FL 32225
(904) 221-3402 (also fax)

Sister Maria Gracela Omamalin, THDW
Sister Patricia Tapales, THDW

Villa Flora-Brown Hall

Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine
P.O. Box 3506
St. Augustine, FL 32085
(904) 824-5894
Fax: (904) 826-0949