Family Housing Management Company

An office of Catholic Charities, Family Housing develops affordable housing and programs to meet community needs. Provides staffing, management and budgeting for Catholic Charities- sponsored housing.

The Diocese of Saint Augustine formed Family Housing Management Company, Inc. in 1986 to manage and maintain properties within the diocese. Two low-income HUD subsidized facilities for elderly and/or handicapped were already in operation when the company was formed. Family Housing now manages five facilities for the elderly and the Providence Center, which houses diocesan ministries and non-profit social services. The Diocese is the sponsor of the HUD subsidized property.

All four housing corporations and Family Housing are not-for-profit agencies incorporated under 501 (c) 3 in the state of Florida. All have areas for community activities. These include the Hobart Joost Center at the Hurleys, the Bishop John J. Snyder Community Center at San Jose and a portion of what was St. Monica’s Catholic School at Barry.

To be eligible for HUD-subsidized housing an individual must:

  • Have celebrated the 62nd birthday or be at least 18 years of age and handicapped. Hurley Apartments I and II and Barry Manor accept handicapped who have not reached 62 years of age. San Jose Apartments I and II were established under a different contract and all residents must be at least 62 years of age.
  • Have an annual income that meets eligibility requirements as determined by the HUD-published income limits for the area.
  • Be capable of living in a house-only setting with the provision of supportive services. No meals are served, no medication is administered and no routine or emergency medical services are provided.

To determine a resident’s annual rent payment, all medical, dental, prescription and doctor-ordered non-prescription medication expenses are deducted from the applicant’s gross annual income. In addition, a $400 standard deduction is subtracted. Thirty percent of the remainder is the resident’s annual rent payment.

At all facilities the staff includes an administrative assistant, one or more maintenance and/or groundskeepers, a housekeeper, an activities director and a service coordinator.

The activities coordinator has the responsibility of providing challenging outlets that enhance the socialization of the residents. This could include special music, trips for dining out, crafts, exercise classes and visits from the school children. So many residents think that when they enter a senior residence that is the end of the road. The challenge of the activities director is to make that trip from beginning of something that can be magical and exciting, often providing opportunities for enjoyment and learning never before experienced.

The service coordinator’s main function is to facilitate the provision of services. This person often provides nutrition instruction, insurance presentation and health fairs. This work is highly confidential and may include the sharing of some of the most guarded information of the senior resident. The responsibilities of this position always include facilitating services that will allow the resident to remain in the apartment for as long as possible. This could be assisting with medical appointments, transportation and family counseling.

Executive Director
Alma Ballard

Associate Executive Director
Sharon Griffith

Executive Assistant
Ericela Cortez

Mariela Guerra Marcos

Mailing and Street Address

Providence Center
134 East Church Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 632-1244/1255
Fax: (904) 632-2135

Barry Apartments

Barry Manor Apartments was named to honor Bishop Patrick Barry and also opened in the spring of 1984. Located in Palatka, Fla., it is a 76-unit facility managed by Jerilyn Frazier. The owner corporation is Palatka Retirement Villas, Inc.

1000 Husson Avenue
Palatka, FL 32177
(386) 328-5137
Fax: (386) 328-5138

Jerilyn Frazier

Service & Activities Coordinator
Pat Atkins

Administrative Assistant
Bobbie Jo Ritch

Hurley Apartments

Hurly Apartments was named for Archbishop Joseph P. Hurley and is located at 3333 University Blvd. North. The complex is comprised of two buildings. Building one has 74 units and opened in the spring of 1984. Building two opened its doors in Oct. 1986 with 78 units. Originally, the two buildings were separate corporations. In December of 2005, the corporations merged, simplifying the administration by the owner, Catholic Charities Housing Association of Jacksonville, Inc. Hurley Apartments is managed by Franceli Gimenez.

3333-35 University Blvd. North
Jacksonville, FL 32277
(904) 744-6022
Fax: (904) 744-6037

Franceli Gimenez

Service Coordinator
Patricia Augustine

Outreach Marketing Director
Tywanda Rosario

Administrative Assistant
Nancy Hummel

San Jose Apartments

San Jose Apartments I is located at 3630 Galicia Road and this 50-unit complex welcomed its first residents in March of 1999. It is managed by Kathie Garrett and owned by the Housing Association of the Diocese of Saint Augustine.

San Jose Apartments II is located at 3622 Galicia Road and is our newest elderly facility. Doors opened to 49 new residents in January 2000. San Jose Apartments II is located on the same campus as San Jose Apartments I. These apartments are also managed by Jacqueta Nash and are owned by the San Jose Catholic Housing Association, Inc.

3622-3630 Galicia Road
Jacksonville, FL 32217
(904) 739-0555
Fax: (904) 739-0559

Jacqueta Nash

Service Coordinator
Leidy Cortez

Administrative Assistant
Elsa Almestica

Providence Center

In July 1987 Family Housing became the management agent for the Providence Center, an ecumenical social services building located in the former Immaculate Conception School in downtown Jacksonville. Housed in the Providence Center are non-profit social service agencies that are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the poor and underprivileged in our community. They include such agencies as Catholic Charities Jacksonville Regional office; including Emergency Assistance, Counseling and the various programs that they administer, such as Legalization, Disabilities and Refugee Resettlement. The other ministries at the Providence Center include Catholic Charities Central Administration and Multi-Cultural. The St. Francis Soup Kitchen is located in the basement and operates on Saturdays serving meals and providing clothing.